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Download Parler APK for Android [2021]

Download Parler APK

Download Parler APK is a free social networking app available for Android and iOS devices. Although due to some legal issues, the application has been removed from the Playstore and app store. This made the app almost inaccessible to most users who use Parler resources continuously. Even if you’re an …

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How to Unarchive Gmail Emails [2021]

how to unarchive gmail emails

In this article, I will teach you. How to unarchive Gmail emails. We use Gmail to send documents, official and personal email regularly. At the same time, our Gmail is connected to many other websites and applications to know information, bank details, and any upcoming or ongoing offers. Sometimes we …

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Download Google Camera for Realme Phones [Gcam 8.1 APK]

google camera gcam 8.1 apk

Google Camera 8.1 version was recently released for Pixel smartphones, and we all know that the official Google Camera app is only available for Pixel models through the Google Play Store. But thanks to Android’s open-source and hardworking developers, we’re able to use a customized or manually installed GCam app on …

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2 Simple Ways to Fix Android 12 App Crashing Issue

fix android 12 app crashing issue

In this article, I will teach you. How to fix Android 12 app crashing issue. Android 12 is quite new to the market and Pixel users experience it early on in the developer preview as well as in the Public Beta. However, it appears that some users are still suffering …

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3 Best Ways to Disable GeForce Experience

how to disable geforce experience

In this article, I will teach you. How to disable GeForce Experience step-by-step guide [2021]. So, if you’re a PC gamer using an Nvidia graphics card, chances are you’re utilizing either the Nvidia GeForce Experience or the Nvidia Control Panel. Now, if you’re dealing with Nvidia’s GeForce Experience, there might …

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How to Turn Off Comments on Facebook Live [2021]

how to turn off comments on facebook live

In this article, I will teach you. How to turn off comments on Facebook live step by step, complete guide 2021. With the Facebook live feature, most of your favorite influences and great personalities connect with their followers via live video chat. You can contact them using the live Comments …

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Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition Free Download [2020]

windows server 2019 standard edition

In this article, you can get Windows Server 2019 Standard Edition free download [2020]. Meet the changing business needs with Windows Server 2019 and deliver improved results by empowering your developers and IT professionals to build business plans faster. Modern hardware with Windows Server 2019 can help you protect and …

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Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus Free Download ISO [2021]

microsoft office 2016 pro plus free download

In this article, you can get Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus free download ISO file for Windows 11/10 that supports both 32-Bit and 64-Bit operating systems. The file setup is completely standalone and includes an offline installer. Microsoft Office 2016 Pro Plus March 2020 will assist you in document management …

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