Tuesday, December 05, 2023


These CDROMs are accessible thorugh the Library Catalogue. Search your query by using the Audio visual materials at the library catalogue.
Here is the list:
  1. AO principles of fracture management, Ruedi, T.P.; Murphy, W.M.
  2. Assessing community health programs 200
  3. Virtual medical office :clinical procedures for medical assistants 2007
  4. Health information : management of a strategic resource, Jacobs, Ellen; Hanken, Mary Alice; Reding, Beverli H. 2001
  5. Atlas of clinical urology, Vaughan, E. Daracott; Perlmutter, Aaron P.
  6. Atlas of heart diseases, Braunwald, Eugene
  1. Essential atlas of infectious diseases for primary care on CD-ROM, Mandel, Gerald L. 1996
  2. Attaining global health 2004
  3. Fundamentals of lung and heart sound, Wilkins, Robert L. 2004
  4. Differentiation, examination and treatment of movement disorders in manual therapy, Pfund, Robert; Zahnd, Fritz 2005
  5. Obstetrics and gynecology, Morgan, Mark; Siddigh, Sam 2005
  6. Prevention of cardiovascular disease : guidelines for assessment and management of cardiovascular risk  A Massage therapist's guide to understanding, locating and treating myofascial trigger points, Chaitow, Leon; Fritz, Sandy 2006
  7. Midwifery education modules : integrated management of pregnancy and childbirth 2007
  8. Monica : monograph and multimedia sourcebook 2003
  9. Water sanitation and health electronic library
  10. Hematology : basic principles and practice 2005
  11. Atlas of anesthesia : scientific principles of anesthesia, Schwinn, Debra A.
  12. Massage therapy : principles and practice,  Salvo, Susan G. 2006
  13. Microbiology and immunology, Rosenthal, Ken S.; Tan, James S. 2002
  14. Rosai and Ackerman's surgical pathology, Rosai, Juan 2004
  15. Inter active physiology 2006
  16. Inter active physiology 2006
  17. Topics in international health : acute respiratory infection 2001
  18. Topics in international health ;acute respiratory infection 2001
  19. The Administrative dental assistant, Gaylor, Linda J. 2007
  20. Macmillan English dictionary for advanced learners 2007