Thursday, December 13, 2018

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Library Collections

The library collection is categorized into the following:

- General collection
- Reference Collection
- Special Reserve Collection
- Periodicals and Newspapers

General Collection
The general collection consists of information materials in various medical and health fields. Materials in this section can be borrowed for home reading and be returned after 3 weeks. Library materials can be located or be accessed through manual catalogue (information provided in a catalogue card) and Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). A catalogue card is a brief description of an information item. The Library has already entered over 24,000 bibliographic records in ADLIB Database, which is accessible through OPAC.

Reference Collection

Reference collection is located on the first floor of the Library building. The collection provides textbooks with higher demands to support faculty staff and students. Given such a high demand from the majority of students, these books are for use within the library only.
The reference collection consists of dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks manual, atlases, directories, compendium, almanacs and bibliographies etc. These materials are for use within the library only and not for borrowing for home reading.

Special Reserve Collection
Special reserve section consists of books, which are on high demand. Books from this section are to be read in the special reserve room and are not to be taken outside the Library. Readers may borrow special reserve books for a maximum of 1 hour per one book. An additional 1 hour can be requested if there is no user waiting for the book. Failure to return a borrowed special reserve book after one hour will result to disciplinary actions.

Periodicals and Newspapers
The Library subscribes to a number of periodicals/journals in various medical fields. These periodicals are available for reading in the Library and they are not to be borrowed for home reading. Currently the Library receives international periodicals under Sida/SAREC funding. The list is available in the Library. The Library also subscribes to a number of local newspapers.