Friday, September 22, 2023

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Reference Services

The library provides the following services:

-Library Catalogue

- Online reference services

- Information Searching

- 24 hours reading room

- Photocopy Services

- Scanning services

- Printing Services


- Loan Services


Along with the traditional ways of providing services to the users, service provision through information communication technology (ICT) is leading the changes. Currently the library is automating its functions, and the library catalogue is accessible through Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC). There are also a number of different ICT services being offered by the library, these include:

  • Internet and electronic mail (e-mail) facilities. There are about 50 computers, which are connected to the Internet for library users.
  • Free databases. There are free databases, which can be browsed for literature search for obtaining abstracts or full text articles by library users.

Information searching

The Library provides access to computers for effective search and retrieval of information sources, from a wide range of resources, such as e-journals, e-books, and other electronic resources.

24 hours reading room

The library has a reading room that is accessible to students and staff of MUHAS at any time of the day. There are also four discussion rooms at the library reading room, where users are allowed to conduct their discussions at the library. Users are required to book a discussion room in advance. A room may not be reserved for less than four people and will be used for a maximum of six (6) hours per day. However, users are not allowed to gain access to the rest of the library while using the 24 hours reading room in order to ensure security of library materials.Please contact Special Reserve Section, at 1112 to book for a discussion room.

Photocopy Services

Library users who may wish to photocopy materials can do so at a very competitive and non-profit cost of Tsh. 50 per page. However users must remember that all books are protected by copyright laws and therefore library users are not allowed to photocopy the whole book. Only portions (not more than 25 %) of a book may be photocopied.

Scanning services

Scanning services are available at the cost of Tsh. 500 per image.

Printing Services

The Library offers printing services at the cost of Tsh.. 100 per page.


CD ROMS on health and medical subjects are available in the Library. The Library does not allow users to use CDROMs for any other purpose than educational.

Loan Services

We offer loaning services where by library users may borrow books from a general collection for home uses for three weeks. For more details, click on Rules and Regulations