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Library Guide

The library is largely an open access. This means that readers have free access to the shelves and may browse and borrow at will. Certain categories of materials may not be borrowed, mainly because of their value, or rarity, or the great use made of them. These are mainly placed either in the special reserve or reference collections.

Admission and membership

(a) All members of the University are entitled to use the library as readers

(b) To borrow books and other library services, members of MUHAS community have to register for membership. Membership forms are available at the Library Issue Desk.

(c) Users who are not from the MUHAS community and who may wish to use the library may do so after applying for a monthly membership at a small cost of:

Students TShs 5,000/=

Local Researcher TShs. 10,000/=

Foreigner TShs 15 USD

Locating information resources

Library materials can be located or be accessed through the following two ways:

- Manual Catalogue

- Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)

The manual card catalogue:

The manual card catalogue consists of two separate catalogues one for author and the other for subject. Users are cautioned that all materials acquired after November 1998 are not reflected in the manual card catalogues. They are therefore advised to search the computerized catalogue (OPAC) for a more comprehensive and current search. The manual catalogue is divided into two separate catalogues:

a. The author catalogue

b. The subject catalogue and subsidiary catalogues

The author catalogue

This catalogue lists books, pamphlets and other documents alphabetically according to author’s surnames. In the case where the book has no personal authorship, the authorship will be attributed to title, society, body or institution.

Subject Catalogue

This catalogue is also used to locate materials in the library. A subject catalogue is an alphabetically arranged file according to the name of the subject and it shows what the library has on a particular subject, and what other documents exists on the subjects.

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC):

This is a new computerized library catalogue that has been developed using the ADLIB integrated library software package. The Library OPAC is user friendly. The Library has already entered about 16,389 bibliographic records in ADLIB Database. Users can conduct a simple search or an expert search system using boolean operators. Users have the option of searching the full catalogue or parts of the catalogue such as books, articles, audio visual materials and serials. Users can search by title, author, organization, text search, subject or even by year of publication. Search result gives information on the title of the book, author, publication statement, and the section of the library or where the item is located. Other information include the class mark, availability status and whether the item can be borrowed or not. The library has already entered about 8,000 bibliographic records in ADLIB Database. Click here to access OPAC