Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Technical Section


  • Acquisition of Library reading materials
  • To keep inventory of all reading materials including books, journals and CDROMs at the library
  • To scout and collect relevant library relevant library materials from different organizations in the country
  • For purchased materials, the section consults Schools and institutes to propose what is to be acquired
  • Classification and cataloguing of acquired print books and CDROMs
  • To enter bibliographic data of new acquired print books and CDROMs to the database
  • To select books for repair and binding
  • To develop and regularly revise information and learning technologies course curricular
  • To conduct research as according to the MUHAS research agenda
  • To carryout income generation and resource mobilization activities
  • To design and conduct specialised library and information sciences courses through the library consultancy bureau
  • Any other function as may be directed by the library management