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Evidence Based Resource

Evidence-based Practice (EBP) site contains links to free key e-resources on evidence based medicine resources.


Uptodate databsase

It is the only resource associated with improved patient outcomes and hospital performance, and studies show that clinicians who use UpToDate change their decisions 30 percent of the time. More than 7,100 world-renowned physician authors, editors, and reviewers use a rigorous editorial process to synthesize the most recent medical information into trusted, evidence-based recommendations.

2. Cochrane Library
A free searchable database. The Cochrane Library is a collection of evidence-based medicine databases which provide excellent quality information to all levels of the health care community in the form of reviews by experts of clinical trials and randomized controlled trials, grouped by subject matter.
3. PubMed Clinical Queries
Clinical Queries offers MEDLINE search filters for therapy, diagnosis, etiology, and prognosis studies. There is also a filter for locating systematic reviews


It is the decision support tool that clinicians go to for answers. Content is written by a world-class team of physicians


Clinical Evidence

Clinical Evidence (CE), a Website developed by the BMJ Publishing Group, is the electronic version of the printCE Full PrintandCE Concise.The information included in these products summarizes current knowledge about the prevention and treatment of clinical conditions but does not make recommendations.

6. Trip Database
A meta-search engine of many EBM resources, including the Cochrane Library, e-journals, practice guidelines, e-textbooks, and PubMed.