Friday, September 22, 2023

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Strengthening the access to health information in Tanzania

Through British Council Delphe project, MUHAS library collaborated with Tanzania Public Services Board (TLSB) (, Partnerships in Health Information (PhI) ( in UK, and Royal College of Obstetriciansand Gynaecology (RCOG) ( in a three years grant (2009-2011). The key objectives of the project were to strengthen the access to health information in Tanzania by:

  1. Conducting evidence based medicine workshops to MUHAS faculty, and librarians from MUHAS and public libraries
  2. Establishing health information corners at four public libraries in Tanzania, and
  3. Develop information literacy curricula at MUHAS, and a School of Library, Archives and Documentation Services.

The library managed to train over forty (40) clinicians from Muhimbili National Hospital, thirty faculty and thirty librarians from MUHAS and Tanzania public libraries on evidence based practices since 2009 through a three years Delphe project