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Maternal health information seeking behavior of pregnant women in selected districts in Tanzania 

Funded by CODESRIA

Duration: February 2017 - August, 2018

Project Investigators: Prof. EddaTandi Lwoga, Dr Columba Mbekenga & Dr Reuben Mutagaywa, MUHAS


Understanding the maternal health information seeking behaviour is significant in monitoring the regular weak linkages between low levels of literacy, poverty and negative maternal and child health outcomes in Tanzania. Our study explores the health literacy levels, maternal health information-seeking behaviours, and perceived factors influencing information seeking behaviour of pregnant women to occur in selected rural and urban districts of Tanzania. The study will use a sequential mixed-method design where in the initial qualitative phase will inform the design of the cross-sectional questionnaire surveys in selected districts. Our study will be conducted in two regions (Pwani and Kilimanjaro), whereby four districts will be selected. The study areas differ in terms of maternal mortality rate (MMR), access to information and communication services, and urban and rural. Our findings will help to inform policies and multi-sectoral approaches that are being taken by the Tanzanian government to reduce maternal and child morbidity and mortality burdens