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 To become a full-fledged medical/health information resource centre, capable of providing specialized professional library, information and documentation services of the highest University, national and international standards, to the University, nation and beyond.
Mission statement

The University Library as an integral part of the University plays a central role in provision of required information resources to enable MUHAS fulfil its main functions of teaching, research and service delivery.  Its mission is summarized in the following statements:

  • To provide professionally organized, relevant and adequate library, information and documentation services that are readily and easily accessible for the purpose of supporting teaching, learning, service, consultancy and research at the College.
  • To serve satisfactorily the diversified information needs of medical/health researchers, scholars, practicing professionals and consultants and the community in Tanzania.
  • To act as a catalyst for improved standards of medical health information services in Tanzania.
  • Promotion and conservation of Tanzania Medical health information (local content).

Basic Objectives

The University Library's current and planned activities are derived from its broad objectives, which include:

  • To serve the information needs of MUHAS academic community (students, lecturers, researchers, practitioner and consultants)
  • To develop and maintain a useful, purposeful and well-organized information database which acts as a tool and reference for information recording, storage retrieval and dissemination.
  • To provide reference service, reprints, literature search and loans of reading materials both print and non-print for self-education.
  • To scout, collect, preserve and maintain library materials and other educational resources and to facilitate optimal utilization of such resources
  • To serve as the national focal point for the collection, organization and dissemination of Tanzanian medical/health information. 

Core Functions
In order to enable the MUHAS Library to become a well functioning institution the following are the main activities:

  • Collection development and maintenance.
  • Provision of access to organized materials and reader services: including loans, reference and advisory services.
  • Provision of information search, retrieval and dissemination through catalogues, bibliographic tools internet and databases.
  • Collection organization including but not limited to classification, cataloguing, abstracting and indexing to ensure accessibility to library resources.
  • Provide and conduct from time to time user education and survey (research).
  • Coordinate library services at MUHAS and interlibrary loans within and outside the University.
  • Scout, collect and maintain library collections and facilitate its optimal utilization.
  • Readers' guidance services including provision of a logical but easy access to library collections.
  • Develop and maintain a database of Tanzania medical/health information (local content) including submission of data to various health/medical databases including the African Index Medicus database.