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In order for MUHAS Library to provide an atmosphere for conducive use of its services and facilities, the public is required to comply with the Library rules and regulations listed before. Users in the Library must respect the rights and privileges of all other users. Library users are therefore expected to abide by the following rules and regulations:

General library regulations Users of the library are requested to observe silence. Idle conversation, loud laughter and other unnecessary noise disturb library users and must therefore be avoided. Discussions are strictly forbidden in the library except in rooms reserved for that purpose. Failure to observe silence will result into dismissal from the library and other disciplinary measures.
a) Eating, drinking water, smoking, sleeping, sexual acts, display or use of weapons are not allowed in the library.
b) Improper dressing by library users, such as those users who cover their whole body including their face shall not be allowed to enter the library. This kind of dressing amounts to covering one’s identity contrary to library regulations, which require users, be properly identified by showing their identity cards before entering. Further, wearing of long coats, jackets, caps and slippers is not allowed at the library. The library staff reserves the right to inspect any person who raises suspicion.
c) Abusive language or gestures, harassing or threatening behavior to the library staff and/or users are not acceptable.
d) Personal hygiene is highly recommended to avoid offending other library users by odor.
e) Use of mobile phones is strictly forbidden in the library premises. The library users who use mobile phone within the library will be charged TShs 5000/- only.
f) Theft and mutilation of library materials is a criminal offence. Anyone caught attempting to steal, stealing or to have stolen library materials will be reported to relevant University security organs (including the police) and University disciplinary organs for further actions that may include prosecution, barred from using the University library and/or suspension from studies.
Lending regulations
The library users are required to abide to the above rules knowing that breaking them will result into disciplinary measures:
a) A proper library card must be presented to the counter whenever library material is called for. This card is NOT TRANSFERABLE and torn, dirty and mutilated borrower’s card is not honored and should be replaced by a new one with a fee of Tshs. 3,000/=.
b) For any library material drawn upon it, the owner to whom it is made out will be held responsible. If presented by other person, the library card will be seized and the owner will be liable to the fine amounting Tshs. 2,000/=.
c) When returning library materials to the counter make sure that, you get back your borrowing cards. The library will assume no responsibility for exchange or for loss of your library cards after you have left the counter.
d) Any lost card is to be reported to the library immediately. Lost cards will be replaced at a cost of Tshs. 3,000/=.
e) Replacement for lost books shall be the actual price of a particular book plus 50% of the actual price to cover administrative costs.
f) Books borrowed from Special Reserve Collection for use within the library must be returned at the issue desk (special reserve collection) after one hour of use.
g) No reader will be allowed to borrow books from the library’s collections without proper identification including borrowing cards. h) The library/Director of the library reserves the right of admission.
Fines and penalties 
The following fines and penalties shall be imposed on those who will be breaking these rules and regulations.
a) A fine of Tshs. 1000/= shall be paid for every additional day after the last day of returning a borrowed book to the library. Failure to return the book after the additional fined 7 days will be considered book theft.
b) The penalty for any act of book theft as defined in section 11.1 (f), it shall be suspension from using library services for the whole semester, together with legal measures including being reported to the police. If repeated, the penalty shall be denial to access the library for 1 academic year. If same or similar mistake is repeated the user shall be denied access to the library for 5 years.